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Gospel of Thomas Interviews

One of the distinctive things I have tried to do on this blog is post interviews with prominent scholars working on the Gospel of Thomas. While I have other scholarly interests, many of these are well-covered in the blogosphere. While writing several articles and a book on the Gospel of Thomas I found that there was not as much serious discussion among bloggers on this important subject. Below are the interviews I have conducted to date.

1. Interview with Nicholas Perrin (Part I)

Interview with Nicholas Perrin (Part II)


2. Interview with Stevan Davies (Part I)

Interview with Stevan Davies (Part II)

Interview with Stevan Davies (Part III)


3. Interview with Stephen J. Patterson (Part I)

Interview with Stephen J. Patterson (Part II)

Interview with Stephen J. Patterson (Part III)


4. Interview with Ismo Dunderberg (Part I)

Interview with Ismo Dunderberg (Part II)


5. Interview with Risto Uro (Part I)

Interview with Risto Uro (Part II)

Interview with Risto Uro (Part III)


6. Interview with Marvin Meyer (Part I)

Interview with Marvin Meyer (Part II)


7. Interview with Simon Gathercole (Part I)

Interview with Simon Gathercole (Part II)


8. Interview with Mark Goodacre (Part I)


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