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Latest Issue of Interpretation Focuses on Food

September 11, 2013

I am a little bit surprised at how excited I am about the latest issue of Interpretation. The current fascicle in entitled, “The Theology of Food,” an issue that has been front-and-center in both the religion department in which I teach and in my own household over the past few years. I live in an area in which agriculture is one of the most important industries. I have done a lot of reading in recent months on how major food production companies such as Monsanto and Con-Agra (among others) have raped the land and adulterated the process of creating “food” (please take note of the quotes) en route to (1) making money hand over fist, and (2) contributing to a food culture in which we consume more and more “food products” that are increasingly less nutritious. I have also witnessed much of this firsthand here in eastern NC and, on a personal note, this has driven me and my wife to radically alter the entire way we approach food in our home.

Major articles in this fascicle include:

  • Thomas W. Mann, “Not by Word Alone: Food in the Hebrew Bible.”
  • Jane S. Webster, “That One Might Not Fall: A New Testament Theology of Food.”
  • Norman Wirzba, “Food for Theologians.”
  • Matthew C. Halteman, “Knowing the Standard American Diet by Its Fruits: Is Unrestrained Ominvorism Spiritually Beneficial?”
  • Laura M. Hartman, “Seeking Foood Justice.”

If you are interested in food, a theology of food, and/or food justice, I encourage you to check out not only the current issue of Interpretation, but also the incredibly enlightening book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

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