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Characters and Characterization in the Fourth Gospel (Part One)

June 8, 2012

I have recently finished editing a book with the Library of New Testament Studies entitled, Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John (set for release in late 2012….I hope), and I thought I would begin a series of posts devoted to some of the issues I (and others) discuss in the book. My interest in Johannine characters goes back to 2005, when I first began work on my doctoral dissertation. Since that time there has been a surge of interest in the topic as seemingly countless studies of individual characters have appeared, along with numerous models for how to approach the study of Johannine characters. In my next few posts I will look at the “state of the question” since the late 1970s. For now I leave you with a list of contributors and their essays in my forthcoming book:

1. Christopher W. Skinner, ‘Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John: Reflections on the Status Quaestionis

Part One: Method and Characterization

2. James L. Resseguie,  ‘A Narrative Critical Approach to the Fourth Gospel’

3. R. Alan Culpepper,  ‘The Weave of the Tapestry: Character and Theme in John’

4. Cornelis Bennema, ‘A Comprehensive Approach to Understanding Character in the Gospel of John’

5. Judith Christine Single Redman, ‘Eyewitness Testimony and the Characters in the Fourth Gospel’

6. Raymond F. Collins, ‘“Who Are You?” Comparison/Contrast and Fourth Gospel Characterization’

7. Susan E. Hylen, ‘Three Ambiguities: Historical Context, Implied Reader, and the Nature of Faith’

8. Christopher W. Skinner, ‘Misunderstanding, Christology, and Johannine Characterization: Reading John’s Characters Through the Lens of the Prologue’

Part Two: Character Studies

9. Stan Harstine,  ‘The Fourth Gospel’s Characterization of God: A Rhetorical Perspective’

10. Sherri Brown, ‘John the Baptist: Witness and Embodiment of the Prologue in the Gospel of John’

11. Craig R. Koester, ‘Theological Complexity and the Characterization of Nicodemus in John’s Gospel’

12. Mary L. Coloe, ‘The Woman of Samaria: Her Characterization, Narrative and Theological Significance’

13. Dorothy A. Lee, ‘Martha and Mary: Levels of Characterization in Luke and John’

14. David R. Beck, ‘“Whom Jesus Loved”: Anonymity and Identity. Belief and Witness in the Fourth Gospel’

15. Cornelis Bennema, ‘The Character of Pilate in the Gospel of John’

Also, I should point out that there is another book, tentatively titled, Character Studies in John that is currently being edited by Steven Hunt, Francois Tolmie, and Ruben Zimmerman. That book is devoted to exegetical character analyses of every character or character group in John. That book will appear in the WUNT series in 2013. I hope that our two volumes will be used together and with benefit by students of the Fourth Gospel.

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  1. February 12, 2013 4:51 pm

    I am trying to find a list of characters in the Gospel of John.


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